Studio Artist Tips and Technical Guide

  • Processing a Movie with a PASeq

    Processing a Movie File with a Paint Action Sequence is fairly straightforward. First you either need to record a custom PASeq to be used for processing or import an existing PASeq preset. Then you can just run a single menu command to start the processing. The PASeq will then be used to process the movie frame by frame.

  • Operation Modes

    Studio Artist provides a number of different Operation Modes.  Each operation mode is designed to provide a specific set of functionality. Some modes may only provide automatic actions to create visual effects.  Others may allow you to perform interactive operations with the mouse or pen.  Some may be both interactive and automatic.

  • Loop Action


    Loop Action is a new feature in Studio Artist 4. Running loop action causes the current preset to continuously run in a loop until the loop cycle is stopped by pressing the spacebar. You can select new presets while running loop action and the loop will automatically switch to live processing with the new selected preset at the beginning of the next loop cycle.

    Loop action has a wide variety of uses, including live visual performance, live video processing, live video synthesis, live preview of dynamic time particle behavior, etc.

  • Hot Key Guide

    Studio Artist historically has provided a number of different hot key commands that can be used when editing to temporarily drop into some specific interactive modal operation. To use a hot key you hold down the appropriate key and then mouse down into the object you will be editing. Your mouse interaction will bypass the normal mouse interaction for the object you are editing and the specific hot key modal interaction you initiated will take place.

  • Introduction to the Vectorizer

    The Studio Artist Vectorizer takes a raster image and converts it into a flat color vector representation. The vectorization process can either try to mimic the source as closely as possible (example above), or can be configured to create a wide range of different stylistic effects (example below). 

    The vectorizer output can be inserted as a rendered raster image into the current canvas layer, as bezier paths into the current layer’s bezier path frame, or output to an external encapsulated postscript (EPS) file.  

  • Exploring the Sketch Image Operations


    There are 2 new Sketch image operations (ip ops) in Studio Artist v4. These 2 ip ops are sophisticated processing effects that can be used separately or together to build a wide range of different black and white sketch effects. The Sketch ip ops can either be used to directly create raster sketch effects or to generate bezier paths that can then be used to drive the paint synthesizer.